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Announcing the arrival of the new premium diet pill on the market today. Ionamin® OTC is an amazing diet and energy pill that has proven results based on two double blind clinical studies.

Hi Tech Pharma is a leader in sports nutritional supplements and Ionamin® OTC diet pills is the newest creation to hit the market.

Hi Tech is launching a multi million dollar advertising campaign and rolling out the product nationwide.

Clinical studies performed by Hi Tech confirmed the effectiveness of the product on real people.

A summary of the results are:

    •  Ionamin® showed an increase in metabolism of 22% in just 45 minutes.

    •  Ionamin® users showed 208% more weight loss and 385% more fat burned than users taking a placebo. 

    • Ionamin® showed that it is 66% stronger than 30mg Ephedrine and 152% stronger than 10mg  Ephedrine.

Ionamin® over the counter diet pills by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals are going to be a big seller. People need help to lose weight and this product actually does what it says.

This is created in nature but is backed by science and hard clinical studies that prove its effectiveness.

Hi Tech is proud to offer the premier diet pill on the market today! Try it and you will see why!

Buy Ionamin® OTC by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 30 Capsules

Buy Ionamin® OTC by Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 60 Capsules

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